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We have extensive experience before arbitral tribunals. We have represented several clients before arbitral tribunals constituted under different arbitration rules (UNCITRAL, ICSID, CCI, SMA, LCIA, LMAA) in several seats of arbitration  (Miami, New York, London, Paris, Zurich).


In addition to representing clients in arbitration proceedings, we provide assistance during the pre-arbitration phase in matters such as drafting arbitration clauses applicable to complex situations (even in contexts involving a plurality of contracts and parties).


We develop elaborate litigation strategies, mediation and other efforts to reach an agreement. Likewise, we advise our clients during the composition of arbitral tribunals, their possible challenge and/or defense.


Similarly, during the post-award phase, for example, in relation to obtaining recognition and execution of procedural orders and awards, appeals before the Court of Appeal of Paris and award execution proceedings in France and Colombia .

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